Do you ask: -“What is a ChatBot?” or -“What is Messenger Marketing?” 🤔

The popularity of chatbots has grown tremendously in recent years 🤖 and helps many entrepreneurs answer common questions and collect leads with automation 24/7.

Chatbot platforms

There are several plattforms that allows you to build chatbots. Most of them with a no-code solution.
For example:

Active Chat
Chat Fuel

How a ChatBot works

With help from smart interfaces you write texts, publish pictures and ask questions to your visitors. The visitor clicks on buttons to proceed or can even write their own questions and answers to the questions your ChatBot asks, such as his e-mail address or telephone number.

The response that the visitor gives is recognized by your chatbot who can respond with the answers we have prepared. Often, these are the same questions that arise, over and over again, so-called parrot issues. There, the chat bottom steps in and answers you or your staff.

  • A chatbot / messengerbot is thus a service that converses with your website visitors in a human way and with a smart intelligence under the hood.
  • A chatbot can cut costs and time for you or your customer service because they can automatically try to answer the most common questions asked about your business. A big advantage is that they can do it around the clock!
  • A chatbot can also be used to increase sales by simply collecting e-mail addresses for feedback or newsletter sign-ups.

Make your ChatBot smarter

An advanced chatbot uses so-called NLP (Natural Language Processing). This means that the chat bot can train itself to answer questions that the visitor writes to it. A common NLP service to integrate the chat bottom with is Google’s DialogFlow. Other services available are IBM Watson and


The advantage of a chatbot is, as I said, that it operates around the clock, can answer common questions without human intervention, can send out messages to those who contacted your company with incredibly fast feedback, to be compared to emails that often just become a message in the amount.

Messaging via messenger is so far something that is not so common so jump on the train now to get started with your chatbot.

There are lots of tasks a chatbot can handle, it’s not a long way to get everything here so I recommend you search Google for chatbots if you are more interested.